A new member-only service being offered this year is a monthly Driving Policy webinar series focusing on key RV industry polices. These brief, but informative, webinars will provide an overview when it comes to what is happening in the federal and state governments that affects the RV industry.

By providing concise but detailed updates on the bills and issues affecting your business, in just 20 minutes, webinar participants will be armed with the information needed to understand the current political landscape. Each webinar will also include time for members to engage and ask questions from policy experts.

The first webinar will be held Wednesday, January 23 at 2pm ET and will focus on what you should expect from the state and federal teams this year. Click here to sign-up! A link to the webinar will be emailed directly to you.

Add the first six webinar dates to your calendar today:
Wednesday, January 23 at 2pm ET
Wednesday, February 13 at 2pm ET
Wednesday, March 20 at 2pm ET
Wednesday, April 10 at 2pm ET
Wednesday, May 8 at 2pm ET
Wednesday, June 12 at 2pm ET

*Dates may be subject to change

For questions or to suggest a topic for the webinars, contact Monika Geraci at [email protected].