Since announcing in January that the RV Industry Association’s National Show (aka ‘The Louisville Show’) will undergo a complete transformation, the industry has been buzzing about the possibilities of what the new event will look like and what the ‘transformation’ means for them and the industry.

RVX: The RV Experience, held March 12-14, 2019 in Salt Lake City, will be a completely reimagined event for our dynamic and growing industry. This is an event that will provide both OEM’s and suppliers a platform, just as we kickoff camping season, on which to promote their new, innovative, and cutting-edge products and designs.


RVX is designed to give dealers the tools and opportunities to drive consumers into their stores at the time when consumers are looking forward to getting outdoors and going RVing. The event will deliver comprehensive education on products, services, sales and marketing to dealers while elevating the importance of the customer experience in our industry through management-focused training as well as the Top Tech Challenge. And it will allow our industry to recognize and celebrate the top performers that are making a difference.

As you can imagine, taking a 55-year-old trade show and changing the value proposition is not easy. The decision to forgo the long-standing show was not taken lightly. Not for fear of change, but rather the desire to ensure that the event, whatever it would ultimately be, was created in a manner that accurately represents and showcases our dynamic and evolving $50 billion industry to those inside and outside the industry.

RVX will deliver something we’ve never experienced in this industry before. However, this type of event is not new to other industries that have gone through mature cycles and were looking at new growth opportunities. Change is hard and sometimes unwelcome. But change is necessary in order to stay relevant, and to ensure the prosperity of our industry.


While March is a busy time for our industry, it’s also the best time to kick-off camping season, and engage potential buyers of RVs to make them aware of the exciting products and lifestyle our industry has to offer. Our goal, with the help of Go RVing, is to drive extensive media coverage of the event and our industry across North America, exciting consumers about the RV lifestyle and what it can offer them.

Dealers attending RVX will see and experience new products, programs and services available to them and be provided with extensive learning opportunities on sales, marketing, service and hiring. We’ll be launching a dealer tie-in campaign, with an exclusive RVX Dealer Toolkit for those in attendance. The toolkit will be filled with ways to reach more consumers, drive traffic to stores, build new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction. Finally, RVX is the event that provides the opportunity to interact with people in all segments of our dynamic industry.

Those who attend will walk away armed with more knowledge and a better understanding of the dynamic things that are taking place throughout our exciting industry. By creating more value and substantive content, we hope the decision to attend will be an easy one.

For more information and updates on RVX: The RV Experience, click here.