Message From The President: Does Your Dealership Have The Right Tools To Reach The Next Generation Of Customer?

Oct 31, 2018

A wide range of consumer research led by Go RVing and the RV Industry Association clearly shows that more and more consumers are heading outdoors and are interested in outdoor products and the RV lifestyle. Through The Reveal – a focal point of the RVX event in Salt Lake City on March 12-14 – Go RVing will be promoting our industry’s best new products to audiences across the country right when camping season is kicking off. So, as Go RVing drives greater consumer interest next spring, what is your specific action plan to capture untapped audiences and turn them into sales?

Enter the RVX Dealer Toolkit. The RV Industry Association has partnered with Mosaic, a market development firm that delivers consumer experiences in-store, online and in the community. Mosaic works with over 8,000 events annually and has partnered with brands such as Chrysler, Nike, Microsoft, Verizon, Dell, Walmart, Samsung and the NFL to improve consumer engagement and drive them to retail. Together we’re developing a groundbreaking toolkit full of proprietary data and cutting-edge marketing tactics that will help dealers reach new consumers in your market and beat the competition. The mobile-first web platform, available only to those dealers who attend RVX, will help them more effectively connect with specific consumer segments leading to more RV sales.

Why the need for the RVX Dealer Toolkit? Mosaic conducted some base level research to understand the state of sales and marketing efforts in the industry. What quickly became apparent was that outside of the wide-reaching program run by Go RVing, the RV industry as a whole tends to talk to all consumers the same way. Is that maximizing on the mass interest created by Go RVing’s efforts?

We know that all consumers are not the same. They have different aspirations, interests and needs. Further, they consume media now in myriad ways. So, how can we make the RV purchase experience more personalized and reach individual prospects in their own unique way?

Looking at the current culture of the RV lifestyle, it is apparent that specific trends are developing with younger generations. Their desire for adventure is matched by the want and the need to share those experiences with others, which leads us to ask how we can attract consumers we don’t already know and bring them to our doorsteps.

Based on these findings, the strategic framework for the RVX Dealer Toolkit provides attending dealers with the tools to reach, engage and convert consumers with individual identities, thereby driving sales of RVs to new market segments. The toolkit starts with clearly defined market segments based directly on The Reveal archetypes and how consumers look to use your products. Is the RV family-friendly? Is it for outdoor adventurer? Using all kinds of proprietary data, we then build out a strategy for each segment, going beyond just identifying who they are. We also want to help the industry understand where they live, how they are influenced, and what trends they follow.

It’s time as an industry that we employ the best outreach strategies at the retail level to engage new consumers who crave outdoor experiences. The RVX Dealer Toolkit is both a game-changer and a must-have benefit for all dealers who attend RVX. You can bet your competition will be there – will you?

See you in Salt Lake City.