New Website Includes Customized Portal – My RVIA

Jun 14, 2018

It happens to all of us. We meet someone from another company or organization and we ask about their website. Inevitably, we get a response like this: “Well, our site is, but we’re actually working on a new version of the site.”

Yeah, everybody always seems to be “working” on a new website, but in the case of the RV Industry Association, it was true! We have been working to improve our site for you, our members, for the past several months. And the new site is up and running!

Our goal was to continue to provide what you are used to and looking for on and from, but to do so in a much more accessible and easy-to-use manner. That last sentence was easy to write but not so easy for you to read on the previous website, especially if you were using your mobile device. Now our site is responsive, in recognition that you are often accessing it on the run. 

You can still find and view reports and trends, but the information is now easier to read and share. You can also follow our government affairs team’s advocacy agenda, not just to learn what policies we are pushing, but the actions you can take to support them. Technology, standards and compliance and industry events split off throughout the website by different departments but now, they are all in one place and easy to navigate.

We’re already hard at work on a phase two of the new website. There will be an additional level of customization based on member category, as well as customization of content and communication preferences, distribution integration, and the ability to sign up for specific types of communication.

A highlight of the new website right now is My RVIA, a portal to your personal information within RVIA’s new system. My RVIA allows you to customize your experience by easily interacting with us online, registering for events, updating affiliated companies and viewing members-only content on the new website. To get started, you will need to create an account or update your existing credentials.

Your log in and password from the old RVIA website will no longer be valid if you’ve ever done business with us in the past such as registering for an event, signing up for a newsletter, attending a TnT session, purchasing a handbook, or renewing your membership. If we have your current email address, you can simply reset your password. If you are completely new to our system, you will need to create an account. By the way, account set-up is available to all your employees, not just those in the C-suite.

User experience research for this new website tells us that trying to explain in any more detail how the new website works will not be effective. That’s why we’ve created this video to help guide your journey.