The RV Industry Association has produced a Standards’ training video on how to best protect 120V wires in RV storage areas. In this six-minute video, RV Industry Association Inspector Oliver Keultjes explains why it’s important to protect 120V wires and how to install them to ensure protection from physical damage.

Topics that are covered within the training video include:

  • The importance of wire protection
  • What is a storage area in an RV?
  • How can you protect the wires?
  • Examples of acceptable means of protection:
    • Covering boards
    • Guard Strips
    • Conduit or Piping
    • Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing
    • Wire routing

This video has been developed by the RV Industry Association to provide valuable training for RV production personnel and others involved with code compliance. The goal is to educate participants regarding deviations that are being cited most often and minimize the number of citations in the future.

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