RV Technical Institute Conducts Training Session For Campground Operators

Feb 20, 2024

CARVCEarlier this month, the RV Technical Institute led an introductory RV training session on the first day of the 2024 Carolina RV Campground Association Conference & Expo at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

The class, which was taught by the RV Technical Institute’s Director of Education, Bill Stewart, was attended by over 50 campground operators interested in providing technical support for RVers during their stay at campgrounds. The class covered the process of setting up the RV, troubleshooting various components, and making basic repairs. 

“Leading the class was a great experience,” says Bill Stewart. “We received feedback that some of the attendees would like to pursue an RV Technical Institute certification, which is fantastic news. Our team enjoyed working with the Carolina RV Campground Association to put this together. Ultimately, we hope that this information will help attendees assist RVers if there’s any technical issues. Everyone wants to ensure that all visitors have the best possible camping experience during their stay.” 

CARVCAfter the training concluded, several of the attendees expressed that they would like to become RV Technical Institute certified. This training is part of the RV Technical Institute’s efforts to increase the number of trained RV service technicians and improve the customer experience. In addition, courses like these demonstrate the importance of unity between the RV industry and other outdoor segments such as campgrounds. 

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