RVX To Launch The First-Ever 'Sales Navigator' For Dealers

Jan 7, 2019

After months of development, research and testing, I’m happy to report that the RV Industry Association will be launching the “RVX Sales Navigator” during RVX: The RV Experience, March 12 – 14, 2019 in Salt Lake City, UT. The RVX Sales Navigator is designed as an easy to use, but powerful platform that dealers can start using as soon as they return to their stores post-event. Only dealers who register and attend RVX will be granted access using their RVX registration credentials.

Using extensive consumer trending data from multiple sources, the RVX Sales Navigator will help dealers identify consumers they may not already know in their local markets, raise awareness of RV products and the lifestyle, and more importantly, draw them to their dealership and set them on their own path to purchase. 

The RVX Sales Navigator is being developed in collaboration with a large retail marketing and branding firm who have helped key national consumer brands raise awareness and identify ways to sell more products to today’s consumers. These consumers, no matter what age, are influenced by certain characteristics. Based on these consumer trends and buying habits, we believe that by using the RVX Navigator, dealers will be poised to tell the story of the RV lifestyle and develop a strong brand identity for their store and the products they sell. 

RVX is a great buying opportunity for dealers, just at the start of the sales season. Dealers attending RVX will not only have the opportunity to align their product offerings based on targeting specific consumer segments, they’ll now be better equipped to engage with, and convert, these consumers to the RV lifestyle.

The RVX Sales Navigator is a first for the RV industry, built exclusively for RV dealers to help them create and effectively communicate a narrative about the value of the outdoor and RVing lifestyle to consumers in their local market. Using demographic and psychographic compositions of current consumer types, this system will feature easy-to-use ecommerce, community outreach, dealership experience and loyalty tools. This platform will help RV dealers identify and engage with brand new consumer prospects during the Awareness, Engagement and Conversion phases of customer acquisition.

We hope you register to join us at this groundbreaking event, not only to get access to the RVX Sales Navigator, but to grow your dealership sales and reaching more consumers in 2019.