Taxa Adds A Few New Tricks To Its Funky Mantis Camping Trailer

Feb 19, 2020

Back in 2012, it would have been easy to dismiss Taxa Outdoors' Cricket camping trailer as experimental art. It looked unlike anything out there and didn't necessarily appear like it would appeal to the masses. But small, quirky camping trailers have only grown in popularity since, and Taxa has grown with them, adding smaller, much smaller, and larger options to its lineup. Now it's revamping that lineup for the 2020 model year, focusing its biggest efforts on the flagship Mantis by adding a new multifunctional indoor/outdoor dining area, rear access hatch and pop-up roof design. Taxa's largest family trailer still looks like experimental art but it offers more real-world functionality than ever.

The 19-foot (5.8-m) Mantis still wears an irregularly shaped aluminum body, but it gains a large rear hatch that swings upward to provide access inside. This hatch is also good for delivering a burst of fresh air on demand and creating a more al fresco dining experience. The hatch stands next to a robust set of roof-access steps, good for pulling down gear brought along for the trip.

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