Update From Cummins On Impact Of California Regulations

Jan 10, 2023

In fall of 2022, the California Air Resource Board (CARB) confirmed amendments to the Small Off-Road Engine (SORE) regulation, which applies to all spark ignition engines less than 25 horsepower. Engines powered by gasoline and liquid propane that are used in RV generators will be required to significantly lower emissions starting in January 2024. As stated in a letter sent to RV industry partners and customers, Cummins immediately began evaluating potential options to meet the new emissions standards outlined by CARB. At that time, we transparently communicated the challenges involved and stated we would not have any spark-ignited products available for sale in California by January 1, 2024.

The new CARB SORE regulation will impact various Cummins generator models including Onan QG 2500i, Onan QG 2800i, Onan QG 3600, Onan QG 4000, Onan QG 5500 and Onan QG 7000 which range from 2.5kW to 7kW. With significant investment in product development, we now intend to take a phased approach to release a portfolio of CARB SORE compliant products in early 2024. For specific product availability, please reach out to your Cummins representative.

Cummins will always meet or do better than government regulations related to the emissions of our products as is our duty to contribute to the sustainable future of our planet. We have a rich history in providing the RV industry with reliable power generation and this is no exception. Over the past twelve months Cummins has confirmed its commitment to the RV industry and have begun to make significant investments to maintain our position.

These investments started with aligning a special group of cross functional professionals who are fully dedicated to delivering power systems for this industry. This organization, deemed Mobile Power, is headed up by General Manager Theodosia Rush who has a leadership team that includes Jennifer Hodson – Sales and Marketing Director, Kelly Schmitz - Executive Director Mobile Power Technology, Doug Sunkel – Manufacturing Leader, and Wale Williams – Strategy Leader. Responding to the CARB SORE amendments recently passed have and will continue to be a significant focus of this team. Cummins is excited about our future in this dynamic industry, and we will continue to make the strategic decisions that enable us to lead.