Use The RV Action Center To Improve The Outdoor Recreation Experiences Of RVers Nationwide

Aug 6, 2018

On Advocacy Day, over 120 members of the RV industry asked their Members of Congress to support the bipartisan Recreation Not Red-Tape Act (S. 1633 and H.R. 3400).

While the House bill has passed full committee and is ready for a floor vote, the Senate bill has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) and is still awaiting Committee action. Each day this bill sits in Committee is another day RVers could face frustrating experiences on our federal lands.


The Recreation Not Red-Tape Act will improve the outdoor recreation experiences of RVers nationwide and ensure the 10.2 million families who own RVs can experience America’s public lands. Here’s how:

  • RVers increasingly face overcrowding and reduced access to federal lands.
  • Outdoor recreation is the number one driver of economic activity on federal lands and many rural communities and the U.S. economy greatly benefit from the outdoor recreation industry.
  • The RNR Act will make recreation a priority on federal lands by removing barriers to outdoor recreation experiences and make it easier for more Americans and international visitors to enjoy America’s public lands and waters.
  • Of interest to the RV industry, this bill extends the recreation season to help with campground overcrowding and promote healthy recreation experiences.

Please take a minute and urge the Senators on the ENR Committee to hold a hearing and unanimously pass the Recreation Not Red-Tape Act (S. 1633) out of Committee so that the full Senate can vote on this vital legislation that prioritizes recreation on federal lands for its health and economic benefits.