Connect With The RV Technical Institute

Feb 11, 2019

Want to learn more about the RV Technical Institute? Curious to know more about the development of the program? Or maybe you’re wondering what training and credentialing will be available? All these questions and more can now be answered through the program’s various social media channels!

The RV Technical Institute was created to address the need to recruit and train RV technicians around the country. To achieve this goal, the team has been developing the programs curriculum and credentials, as well as implementing a new learning management system and technician database as a part of the process.

As with any new project, there are many moving parts with multiple layers of development to piece together and the RV Technical Institute wants to keep you updated along the way.

Many of you have followed our journey since the announcement of the Institute in June of 2018, and now you can stay up-to-date on all things related to the RV Technical Institute by connecting with us on a dedicated social media channels. Find us on LinkedIn and Facebook and be sure to like and follow us for real-time updates on initiatives related to the program.

We’re excited to continue elevating the profile of RV technicians throughout the country and we hope you join us along the way!