Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile: Class A Motorhomes

Oct 7, 2021

The Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile is the most comprehensive study of RV ownership ever conducted, providing deep insights and perspectives on the demographics and ownership habits of RV Owners, Former RV Owners, and RV Intenders. The study identified seven distinct clusters based on RV owners’ unique motivations, needs, and habits. It also offers a breakdown of the different types of RVs and which demographics tend to prefer different types of RVs.

KeyDemosThere are two categories of RVs: motorcoaches and towables. One of the most common types of motorcoaches are the Class A motorhomes. Owned by 8% of RV owners, Class As are owned by 35% of Millennial/Gen Zers, 32% of first-time owners, and 25% of young families. In terms of demographics, 40% are between ages 18-54 and 66% are ages 55+. 46% are female and 53% are male. 42% are retired and 74% live with no children in the home. Among those who are in the workforce, 58% of Class A owners make over $65,000.

UsageHabitsClass A owners most often travel in the summer (81%) or fall (57%) months, while others prefer spring (46%) and winter (36%). They tend to use their RV 27 days of the year and use their RV during 61% of their vacation time. 59% of Class A owners bought their RV new, and most often stay at a private campground (55%), state park (47%), or RV resort (38%). When they’re on the road, 42% of Class A owners engage in fishing, 40% in outdoor sports, and 27% in water recreational activities. 

Regarding Class A owners' attitudes towards their RVs, 75% said owning an RV simplifies travel. Likewise, 74% agree that RVs make travel convenient for any age or physical condition. 

We will be taking a look at who is most likely to own different RVs in the coming weeks. Members can view the full report here.