Go RVing’s Boundless Miniseries Goes Whitewater Kayaking

Aug 24, 2020

Few people look at white water rapids with excitement and anticipation, but to a select few it is the canvas where they express their acrobatic art. In Go RVing’s newest episode of Boundless, a crew of white water kayakers head to Montana in search of rapids and waterfalls.

The epic miniseries is the product of Go RVing’s partnership with ROAM Media to highlight amazing outdoor experiences pursued by the growing adventure-seeking audience. The series places RVs as a critical element for outdoor adventures and the perfect type of vehicle for this lifestyle.

Following the inaugural episode which featured professional highliner Ryan Robinson deep among the dramatic rock formation of the Utah desert, episode two follows professional whitewater kayaker Rafa Ortiz and his friends, Peter and Kevin, for a week in his RV on Big Timber Creek in Montana.

The group makes basecamp in their RV to study the lines and hazards in Montana’s Big Timber Creek, preparing for a cyclone of a waterfall drop. With rapidly changing water levels, Rafa, Peter, and Kevin must stay on their toes and ready for the right moment. The audience can feel the adrenaline rush as each member of the group approaches the gargantuan waterfall, which in Rafa’s words is “gnarly, fast, and scary.”

After their flawless execution, Rafa and his friends head back to the RV, a traveling space of familiarity and comfort, to reflect on accomplishing this big challenge they set for themselves.

The Boundless miniseries is promoted to the growing active outdoor adventurer audience across ROAM’s 650K Facebook followers, 900K Instagram followers, and 20K YouTube channel subscribers.

Additional episodes will air this fall and highlight other outdoor adventures, including rock climbing and skateboarding.