Trim-Lok Inc. CEO Gary Whitener underwent ground-breaking surgery several years ago at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian of Newport Beach, Calif., being one of the first patients to have heart valve replacement with a cow’s valve performed by cardiologist Dr. Subbarao Myla.

According to RVBusiness, after a recent conversation and special request from Dr. Myla, Whitener donated $10,000 to Hoag Hospital for the purchase of a ventilator.

During this global COVID-19 pandemic Whitener understands the importance of all medical facilities being able access needed equipment is vital to the health and safety of their communities, patients, doctors and staff.

“Dr. Myla is more than just my cardiologist, he is also a good friend. He knows the importance of having enough ventilators during this Coronavirus pandemic and reached out to me to discuss the need for more ventilators at Hoag. I didn’t need to think twice about helping. We are living in unprecedented times and I am honored to donate to such a wonderful hospital,” said Whitener.