We’re less than two months away from the all-industry event that defines the roadmap for the RV industry in offices across Capitol Hill, RVs Move America Week!

You’re probably wondering, “what’s RVs Move America Week?” If you’re someone who attended Committee Week in the past, it’s a similar event that has been re-branded to emphasize the impact of the RV Industry Association’s annual advocacy event and economic impact.

In addition to RV Industry Association committee meetings, the RV industry will come together during RVs Move America Week to nurture ideas and collectively build a strategic roadmap to navigate the direction of industry goals and objectives, interact with industry colleagues and meet with federal policymakers. The RV industry will conquer the Hill, meeting with Congressional and Administration officials, forging relationships beneficial to business and discussing current issues affecting the industry. This year, the updated RVs Move America Economic Impact study will also be released on Capitol Hill in conjunction with the House and Senate RV Caucuses!

The 2018 advocacy event was the largest for the association, with 120 members holding 170 meetings with Members of Congress, their staffs and Administration officials. From increasing membership in the House and Senate RV Caucuses to gaining support on a variety of industry initiatives, it’s more critical than ever to assist the association’s advocacy efforts and leave a compelling imprint on federal policymakers.

Join us June 2-6 for our chance to shine a light on the impacts of the RV industry in offices across Washington D.C.? Click here and register today!