Originally published on RV News.

A letter went out to New England RVDA members on Wednesday urging members to attend the new RV Industry Association event, RVX: The RV Experience, set for March 2019 in Salt Lake City. The letter begins by touting RVX as "A completely different industry event!"

"You have been seeing a lot of communications about our new industry event, RVX," writes NERVDA Executive Director Bob Zagami. "One this is certain, there will be no Louisville show in December. I am still getting calls from dealers wondering what happened. On the other hand, I get a lot of calls from dealers wondering how they fit into the new event and if they should be attending."

"First: The primary audience for RVX is RV dealers. Second: There has been a lot written about RVX and you will see a lot more between now and next March when we all head for Salt Lake City," he writes.

"This is a NEW event, not a REPLACEMENT for the Louisville show that served the industry well for over 50 years."

Zagami encourages NERVDA dealer members to read the articles and press releases about the event that have been published by the RV Industry Association and RV trade publications.

"At the national level I also serve as the Chair of the RV Executive Committee," Zagami's letter to NERVDA members continues. "This is a group composed of all (or most) of the state dealer associations Executive Directors, several RVDA representatives and several RVIA representatives. We met every year at Louisville to discuss association activities and national events that could impact our dealer's business. We are moving our annual meeting to Salt Lake City next March."

"As Chair of this group, I am also working with Liz Crawford at RVIA to make sure we get meaningful information to our dealers so that they will see the value of attending the inaugural launch of RVX. We are going to schedule a series of regional meetings to have in-person discussions on how we can make this a 'go-to' event for all dealers. Dealer input is very important to RVIA as they create this new event."

"Locally, we will obviously be working with our NERVDA dealers for their input and suggestions on what they want to see at the event and what types of programs will be more attractive to dealers and have them in attendance at RVX."

Zagami urges NERVDA members to contact him with questions or concerns.

"This is a moving target, and some things will change as they finalize the event," he writes. "Let's make sure they have your candid and honest comments on items of interest that will make this an investment you want to make for your business."

RVX: The RV Experience happens March 12 through 14, 2019, at the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT.