Top RV Dealers And Industry Members Announce Their Support Of RVX

Nov 19, 2018

RVX promises to bring the industry together in a venue where manufacturers and suppliers can provide dealers a one-stop-shopping opportunity that showcases the newest models and innovative concept units, while shoring up orders of best-selling products for the spring and summer months. The event will also provide multiple layers of education on emerging consumer trends, growing consumer segments, and how through promoting new products and marketing to consumer personas we can attract brand new customers to the RV lifestyle.

In addition to strong dealer backing, other industry partners have come forward to show their support of RVX. The RV Dealers Association’s (RVDA) board and members are extremely excited about what the event will do for market growth and future development. Other groups embracing the new event concept include 20 Groups, state associations across the country, RVDA of Canada and other dealer, manufacturer and supplier networks.

A common question surrounding the event is: “Who do I bring to RVX?” The simple truth is, with the unique configuration of RVX, there’s something for everyone. From business owners to marketing professionals, sales representatives and technicians in the field, this event will easily benefit all in attendance.

Owners and general managers can meet with key players across the industry, check out new and concept products coming to the market, all while placing orders for the spring and summer months. Sales managers can benefit from the critical education sessions where they can receive updates on the best-selling products that consumers are looking for and more. Marketing professionals can learn how to reach new and growing consumer segments while gaining access to the new web-based dealer toolkit that will help them engage consumers in their local markets. Those involved with purchasing can place orders for the latest and most sought-after aftermarket products and parts for their service departments. Technicians can also view RVX as an opportunity to highlight the growing need for more skilled professionals in their field as well as the unique opportunity to participate in the second annual Top Tech Challenge.

“RVX is an incredibly unique industry platform providing value on multiple business levels,” said Liz Crawford, SVP of trade shows and events for the RV Industry Association. “We’re even working with the state of Utah to bring in local students with an interest in technician training to expose a new generation to a field where they can adequately and successfully apply their skills.”

Attendee registration and hotels are now open for RVX. The opportunities that this groundbreaking platform provides can’t be missed. Are you ready to embrace the changing landscape and turn potential into future sales?

Check out what some of the top dealers in the country are saying:

"I’m excited about the new concept behind RVX, which will help kick off the camping season. It will be an opportunity to see new and current products presented in a way that fits how our customers are using them -- for outdoor adventure experiences, family travel, tailgating, and more. I also look forward to finding new approaches to reach prospective RV owners. The new toolkit being developed for the event should help us find and communicate with new prospects in our market throughout the year. I’m making sure to find the time to be there and I recommend other dealers across the country show up and learn new ways to grow our industry."

Mike Regan
President, Crestview RV Center
RVDA Chairman of the Board

"I want to personally encourage dealers to support RVX and the RV Industry Association as they launch this completely re-imagined RV trade show event. I personally visited Salt Lake City and the show space is ideal. The city will be a great host for all the dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, and other industry representatives attending RVX. I wouldn’t want anyone connected to the RV industry to miss out on what is planned for this event."

Tim Wegge
President/CEO, Burlington RV Superstore
RVDA Immediate Past Chairman

"For me RVX represents the need and want for change in our industry. It’s important that the RV Industry Association, the manufacturers, and suppliers, adapt to reach new generations and address the changing environment we dealers are seeing at the retail level every day.  I’m excited to see what’s coming to RVX this March."

Chris Andro
Owner/GM, Hemlock Hills RV
RVDA Second Vice Chairman

"Lazydays is very excited about the new industry show, RVX: The RV Experience, slated for March 12 -14, 2019 in Salt Lake City. The programs being offered, from “The Reveal" to the education component, the dealer awards and the Top Tech Challenge, will make this a must attend event for dealers across the country. We look forward to seeing what RVX offers us, and by placing this show in the spring, as we are promoting the RV Lifestyle to consumers, we are confident we'll see a strong retail push as a result."

John Lebbad
Chief Marketing Officer, Lazydays RV

“The RVX show is very intriguing to us. I’m a California dealer so the proximity to Salt Lake City is nice and it’s a great place to visit, but I really like the idea of the web-based tool kit that they are putting together which is designed to help us reach a whole new audience of consumers we don’t already know. The additional opportunity to place orders during that time of year and see new Manufacturer and Supplier products that I that I didn’t see this past fall is important as well. As a dealer, I think we welcome the chance to support the entire industry, so we work together to grow this business for all of us."

Steve Richardson
Owner, Richardson’s RV

“I’m really interested in the new show coming next March. RVX sounds pretty exciting to us. We like the idea of the spring dates, and Salt Lake City is awesome. The value for us will be seeing new product in the spring, having quality time to talk to manufacturers and suppliers, and the new product “Reveal” looks very, very cool. Changing the old show into something new can’t be easy, but it’s really what we need right now. This is a great business to be in and promoting and celebrating the RV lifestyle on a national level is a win to all of us.”

Frankie Barouti
Vice President, Giant RV

“I congratulate the RV Industry Association for taking the bold move to design a new and different show experience. The new RVX is timed to excite the market, right at the beginning of our selling season, with a “Reveal” to highlight new innovations. RVing is hot, continues to grow in popularity, and the RVX show is the latest innovation in our dynamic industry. I’ll be there to celebrate and support the RV industry and I encourage other dealers to join me. I love the RV industry and hope to see you at the new RVX.”

Debbie Brunoforte
President, Little Dealer Little Prices

“As a Dealer, I find the idea of RVX really compelling. While the spring dates may be challenging to some, we find that the strategy and direction the show has, along with the support from all the OEMS and major suppliers is key. What better time to see everyone at one place, at one time, get my team excited about the new product and the immense sales opportunity we have? The web-based tool kit, and The Reveal will impact how we all do business in the future, and I’m taking advantage of it!”

Jean-François Lussier
President, Horizon Lussier