Since the announcement of RVX last winter, there’s been several mentions about an amazing dealer toolkit, reserved only for dealers who attend the event, that’s designed to help engage new consumers and bring them to dealer lots across the nation.

After nine months of extensive research conducted by a national media and branding agency experienced in retail building and sales, it was revealed that consumer buying habits are changing. Not just among millennials, either. The research concluded what consumers truly want and need to live an experience with almost everything they do.

Blame it on social media and the constant need to share those experiences. Or, look at it as an opportunity for the RV industry. There’s a whole new cross section of consumers who love the outdoors and want to share their experiences with friends and family.

The RVX Sales Navigator is our way of helping the industry tap into experience-driven consumers of all ages. A simple way to look at the toolkit is to think of it as a playbook. A playbook that will give dealers step-by-step actions to engage new consumers where they live. Simply enter your dealership’s zip code and everything you want to know about consumers in that local market is revealed to you.

The RVX Sales Navigator is a web-based platform that can be used on your desktop or mobile device that will guide you through what consumers in your local area are most interested in: What are they doing in their free time? Are they trail runners? Sports fans? Do they care about the environment? Are they made up of families? How much money do they make?

Demographics and behaviors are wrapped into a guide on how to find them, where to find them and step-by-step ways to engage them either online or in person. You choose. The toolkit will guide you through speaking to potential buyers, positioning your dealership as an authentic voice on how the RV lifestyle is a fit for outdoor consumers. This includes identifying key words and hashtags to use to help you build your pipeline of potential customers.

Just like an RV, what makes this tool so powerful is the thinking put behind every single aspect of the RVX Sales Navigator’s creation. Big dealer or small, there is something to be gained.

RV dealers are experts when it comes to selling RV’s and industry sales trends make that crystal clear. But, we know there are more people to sell to.

Attend RVX to get access to the RVX Sales Navigator and enhance your sales efforts through key tactics for reaching consumers you don’t already know.

Simple. Easy to Use. And exclusive to dealers attending RVX.

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