Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile: Folding Camping Trailer

Feb 17, 2022

The Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile is the most comprehensive study of RV ownership ever conducted, providing deep insights and perspectives on the demographics and ownership habits of RV Owners, Former RV Owners, and RV Intenders. The study identified seven distinct clusters based on RV owners’ unique motivations, needs, and habits. It also offers a breakdown of the different types of RVs and a study of which demographics tend to prefer different types of RVs.

We recently finished our overview of motorhomes (Class A, Class B, and Class C) and now take a look at towable RVs. Folding camping trailers, sometimes referred to as “pop-up campers,” are owned by 6% of RVers. Young families make up 24% of folding camping trailer owners, while 26% are millennials and Gen Zers. 53% are first time owners.

FTC Usage HabitsFolding camping trailers are used on average 12 days out of the year. They are most often used in summer (87%), followed by fall (55%), spring (29%), and winter (14%). 36% of folding camping trailer owners choose to stay at private campgrounds, while 40% prefer national park campgrounds and 63% stay at state parks or recreation area campgrounds.

Other outdoor recreation activities that these RV owners enjoy include: outdoor sports (50%), fishing (41%), and water recreational activities (32%). Their top three reasons for RVing are spending time outdoors (22%), simply unwinding and relaxing (20%), and visiting a location with natural beauty (9%). Other outdoor activities they bring with them included bicycles (28%) FCT Key Demosand kayaks (15%).

In terms of demographics, 35% are between the ages of 18 - 34 while 65% are ages 55 and older. 51% of those with a folding camping trailer are female and 48% are male. Regarding employment, 39% are retired and 28% are employed full-time. The average annual income for 48% of folding camping trailer owners is over $65,000. 27% live with children in the home.

We will continue to look at who is most likely to own different RVs in the coming weeks. Members can view the full report here.