The Heating Technical Subcommittee is responsible for all matters having to do with RV propane/LP gas tanks, valves, piping and systems in general and RV heating systems and equipment in particular.

Chairman Organization Title
Joe Kleinknight Keystone RV Company - Plant #19 QA Tech Manager
Member Organization Title
Dale Jordal Winnebago Industries, Inc. Product Safety Administrator
David Mihalick THOR Industries, Inc. Sr. Director Vehicle Safety & Regulatory Compliance
Doug Mirth LaSalle Bristol Vice President
Gary Miller Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, Inc. Director Of Engineering
Greg Mitchell ECI Fuel Systems
Jason Peck National Sales Manager, RV OEM & Aftermarket Product Sales
Jeff Christner Grand Design RV (Plant #9) Director, Corporate Compliance
John Torchick Suburban Manufacturing Co. Division of Airxcel, Inc. Product Engineer
Leo Akins Forest River, Inc. General Manager, Regulatory Compliance
Mark Howlett Truma Corporation Senior Vice President Business Development
Mike Mohr Dave Carter & Associates, Inc. Indiana Division Indiana Sales Manager
Nader Kiarostami International Thermal Research Ltd., ITR V.P. of Engineering
Robert Panaro Cavagna North America, Inc. Engineer
Ryan Hyer Testing Engineers International, Inc. Listing Compliance Engineer
Ryan Yewchuk Fairview Fittings & Mfg. Inc. Branch Manager
Terry Current Jayco Inc. Codes & Standards Director
Vincent Hanning Dutchmen Plant #845 Codes and Standards
Staff Liaison Organization Title
Kent Perkins RV Industry Association - HQ Senior Director, Standards
Informational Organization Title
Bill Diel M.B. Sturgis Inc. President
Ken Elwell Elwell Corporation President
Randy McDowell Furrion LLC Technical Services Technician
Tim Schlabach THOR Industries, Inc. Manager of Vehicle Safety & Regulatory Compliance
Staff Counsel Organization Title
Robert Schmitt RV Industry Association - HQ Vice President and General Counsel